Down these mean streets
where even the most hardened
gumshoes fear to tread,
the bold agents of Detective Office 5
pursue intrigue and injustice
to the ends of the earth.

Kaizo HAYASHI is Japan's premier director of Japanese detective movies   and almost a synonym for Japanese noir. Since his directorial debut,   Sleep so as to Dream in 1985, he has produced and directed a body of   great detective movies and created the role of the hero Maiku Hama,   played by Masatoshi NAGASE, in the Maiku Hama series, which was   directed by many of Japan's most talented new directors. In the last   few years, Kaizo has focused on the internet series Detective Office 5   (DO5), which has also been the basis for several feature films. The   DO5 series features specialized detectives who use their skills to   solve difficult cases. The hero of the new feature, Code is Detective   507, a specialist in code breaking. The film references Orson Welles's   1948 classic noir, The Lady from Shanghai, and features the gorgeous   Meilan as the femme fatale.  The story revolves around a complex and   mysterious code, double-cross and betrayal, and explores the after-  effects of World War Two. Kaizo HAYASHI pays homage to great,   traditional 1950s' Nikkatsu Action Films with lashings of action,   generous helpings of gunplay, emotional depth and passion, whilst   bringing his own special vision to this tradition.

For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5"   has raised the bar for detective work. The agents of Detective Office   5 are a group of stellar detectives lead by the genius code breaker   Detective 507. When an unknown client enlists 507 to crack his most   difficult programming code yet, the detective embarks for Shanghai   where he crosses paths with a sniper, an informant, the head of the   Blue-Dragon Mafia, and beautiful singer on the run, Meilan. As 507   stumbles deeper into a twisted quagmire of intrigue he discovers the   sad truth behind the mystery.

DETECTIVE507 Kikunosuke Onoe
Meilan Izumi Inamori
Snitch Shunsuke Matsuoka
DETECTIVE523 Yosuke Saito
Jiro Shina Hiroki Matsukata
DETECTIVE500 Joe Shishido
Shaolong Tei Ryushin

Director/Screenplay Kaizo Hayashi
Screenplay Tomihiko Tokunaga
Screenplay/Assistant Director Shinji Kuma
Executive Producer Hiroki Ohwada
Director of Photography Takahide Shibanushi
Lighting Yuichiro Makanae
Production Design Etsuko Aiko
Music Meyna Co.

2008/Japan/Japanese/124min/Color/(c) 2008 THE CODE PROJECT. All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 DETECTIVE OFFICE. All Rights Reserved.